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With Workflows, easily create automated workflows/generation pipelines that can easily be shared with other users.

Once shared, Workflows are simple to use, even for non-technical users. They allow you to take advantage of the incredible power of custom image generation pipelines by editing only the things that need to change between generations.

Workflow Builder

With a dedicated UI/UX, streamlined hotkeys, and visual hints all the way throughout, building workflows in the Workflow Builder is incredibly easy.

The Builder allows for detailed notes on every object, from individual Nodes, to the Workflow as a whole — All of which can be saved in a simple, compact file for sharing, or embedded directly in your output generations.

Built for Sharing

The true power of Workflows is realized when they are shared among team members, collaborators, or even with a larger community. Designed with sharing in mind, Workflows ensure that no matter your level of technical expertise, you can both contribute to and benefit from custom image generation pipelines.

SDXL Canvas

SDXL Unified Canvas

Together with ControlNet and SDXL LoRAs, the Unified Canvas becomes a robust platform for unparalleled editing, generation, and manipulation. Don’t deal with the limitations of poor inpainting workflows anymore – embrace a new era of creative possibilities with SDXL on the Canvas.

Quality Enhancements

3.1 introduces a refactored Inpainting process, and a refined compositing workflow that delivers stunning results. Achieve professional-grade blends and overlays without the hassle of manual adjustments. Whether you’re combining multiple elements or using Canvas ControlNets, the output is visually coherent and impressively integrated.

These quality improvements make the Unified Canvas an even more powerful tool for your creative projects, from simple edits to complex image generations

Canvas Control Adapters

Canvas Control Adapters give you unprecedented control over the composition and structure of your images. Now, you can use high inpainting strength settings in order to make significant variations in color and detail without worrying about structural inconsistencies disrupting your composition.

Additionally, new settings make it simple to bring new Adapter inputs from the canvas, for nuanced control and detailing.

Asset Saving & Utilities

In various places across our UI, we’ve added helpful functions that streamline the workflow of leveraging assets, whether you’re looking to save a pre-processed control image, or reference the dimensions of inputs in generation settings.


SDXL ControlNet Support

SDXL ControlNet models released by the community now function optimally, including on the Canvas.

With the combination of ControlNet, SDXL LoRAs, and the Unified Canvas, working with SDXL has never been easier or more powerfully supported.

Improved SDXL Defaults

When using SDXL Base Models, you’ll find better handling of default sizes for generations, auto-scale in the Unified Canvas, and improved SDXL Refiner defaults.

Other Feature Updates

Seamless Tiling (+SDXL)

Seamless tiling is back – create a generation that can tile horizontally, vertically, or both.

Seamless works in all generation modes, for both SD and SDXL models (and LoRAs), and on the canvas – because why not?

Generation Stats

The Community Edition console now provides detailed generation statistics, including calls, node execution time, and VRAM usage by Node – For every generation workflow.

It’ll also provide some useful stats for optimizing your VRAM and RAM Cache for speed.